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Spark AR and Social Media App Development

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Immersive Studio can help take your social media marketing to a new level with custom built applications, fun filters, and interactive product experiences .

Make your marketing campaigns more engaging with our Spark AR and Social Media App Development Services

In this digital age of social media people are on their phones more than ever, and so companies need to find ways to engage an audience and gain brand visibility. With Spark AR our developers can provide you with entertaining content that organically helps your brand reach a large audience. Deployed on to Facebook and Instagram we can create custom AR camera filters that give the user unique personal experiences that are immersive, interactive and highly engaging! It can be masks, in-camera AR games, gesture controlled events, AR effects with 3D objects, hand or facial expression related filters, AR effects to scan logo’s or just simple frames. Not only do these filters stimulate fan engagement, through organic sharing by users it becomes the perfect way to market you and your brand.

Bespoke Social Media Marketing Solutions For Your Products and Services

Product Viewers

Custom Filters For Instagram and Facebook

Bespoke Applications

360 Rendered Panos For Social Platforms

AR Games

QR Code Set up

Event Promotion

3D Content Creation

Check out some Spark AR in action

Play Video about spark ar bang and olufsen speaker playing and configurating colours
Play Video about Spark AR Fanta Experience for halloween
Play Video about Spark AR Rolling Stones Filter with big lips and tongue
Play Video about Spark AR Happy Birthday Filter blowing out candles on cake and happy birthday message
Play Video about Spark AR Dandelion FilterSpark AR Dandelion Filter blowing flowers off dandelion
Play Video about Spark AR Sparkle Face filter showing various coloured sparkling effects on face
Spark AR or Social Media Applications - Immersive Studio
Play Video about Spark AR or Social Media Applications - Immersive Studio

Do you have an idea that you think will wow your market

If you are interested in using Spark AR or Social Media Applications in your marketing then we would love to speak to you.  We can help develop your ideas and create a solution that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Spark AR for Retail, Brand and the Entertainment Industry

This great immersive technology is a great way to provide your customers, clients and visitors with an engaging experience that will help them remember their time  interacting with your product service, event or attraction.

Spark AR for Retail

Creative AR filters give retailers an amazing opportunity to engage with their customers and giving them a unique instore shopping experience. With social media being a key way to market and attract customers we can create custom, quirky filters that let your customers aware of a new product or sale, or have an area instore where they can download a unique filter by scanning a QR code and have them take a fun selfie in front of the store.

Spark AR for Brands

Engaging filters give businesses an opportunity to market their brand to an ever reaching audience that they otherwise might not have been able to reach. In this digital age you want to be able to get users to engage with your brand with something that’s easy to access, unique, fun and can measure it’s success. By creating a unique personal experience for the user, this will subsequently make them more motivated to interact with your brand on a repeated basis in the future.

Spark AR for Leisure & Entertainment

We give businesses an opportunity to present stories and visualisations of their brand in a completely new and unique way.  Be it for huge brand events, product launches or viral campaigns; Our developers can create camera effects that tell your brand story be it via a filter, mask, gesture controlled game and more! You can have and ever long lasting impression with something that’s versatile, compelling, powerful, and complimentary to brand activations.