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Visual Creative Technology Solution that allows multiple realistic Real-Time 3D environments to be controlled in Real-Time via a custom-built AV controlled interface and deployed across multiple large format LED walls across multiple floors.

The Brief

The brief we were approached with required a multi-faceted Real-Time interactive 3d solution which included premium quality visual content that would run 24 hours a day and allow the client to feed real-time data into the backend of the system which would then be displayed across multiple parts of the building and eventually to other office locations around the world.

The Installation

The AV control application we created and then deployed on a MS surface which put complete control of the AV System controlling multiple high quality LED panelled walls in the hands of the customer. This application had a wide range of functions programmed in using Ventuz which would allow the user to bring up core information, manage music libraries, connect to third party API’s all within one simple user interface.

The whole system runs on 2 x hi powered workstations that we specified and helped to supply and setup to enable this very complex Real-Time installation to run smoothly 24 hours a day across multiple floors and video walls. The LED wall solution was supplied by ‘LED Studio’ and the AV equipment was installed by ‘Design Integration’.

This type of installation was revolutionary and something that we had not seen created before as it was a mixture of art installation, data display and functional AV controller all rolled into one very unique visual creative technology solution.

Realtime 3D corner screen - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
Copper screen 1 - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
Realtime 3D environments displayed on large format screens Copper screen 1 - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
Main screen hero image durdle - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
Main screen with client for scale - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
Screen live full wall alps - Interactive LED Walls - Immersive Studio
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How We Created The Realtime 3D Environments

The project required us to firstly develop a way to connect up Real-Time game scenes to AV Controllers which would drive the content which would be transmitted to a number of very high-quality large format video wall throughout the building based in central London.

Because the video walls occupied high foot fall areas the content had to be of the highest quality which meant we had to create realistic Real-Time 3d Environments of specific locations around the world which had to be created by hand in CG, lit and textured to match specific photo reference that was supplied to us by client. These 3d models would need to cycle through 24 hours a day and mimic the real-world lighting faithfully within the 3d environment which would loop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year meaning we had it include a logic engine which would allow the environments to consider both time of day and day in the year for each of the 4 unique locations.

We then needed to design a transition effect to apply in Realtime on top of the 3d modelled environments which could be controlled via custom-built interface where the user could adjust the amount of effect displayed based on a selection of values which was relevant to financial markets, they traded in.

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Durdle door screen 1 live - Immersive Studio
Alps screen capture live - Immersive Studio
Bukit screen capture live - Immersive Studio
Antelope screen capture live - Immersive Studio

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