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Mixed Reality Application Development

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Our Mixed Reality developers combine various elements of augmented reality and virtual reality and relate them to real world environments.

Helping Businesses Virtualise Their Services, Product And Processes

Our Mixed Reality Application Development Team are expert in creating solutions for businesses across many industries.  From remote training or assistance to prototype development, this advanced technology can help businesses work like never before.

Mixed Reality is a process of anchoring intelligent virtual objects in the real world that can be interacted with by gesture and voice control to give the perception that they are real. This is achieved by capturing a person’s position, surfaces, boundaries, lighting, sound and object recognition.  This experience can be accommodated through the use of, enterprise level head mounted displays such as, Microsoft’s Hololens, that places holographic content into real world environments, allowing for team collaboration within a shared space or remotely. Mixed Reality is becoming increasingly popular with businesses who are integrating applications that can increase their employee’s knowledge through work place training and improving production through digital workflow processes and product development.

Custom Mixed Reality Solutions for Every Industry

Virtual Training

Healthcare Applications

Virtual Tour for Hotels

Remote Assistance

Retail Applications

Virtual Tour for Architects

Product Development

Imteractive Exhibits

Virtual Tour for Retail Stores

Process Visualization

Product Configurators

Virtual Tour for Rental Property

Why Choose us for Virtual Tour Development?

Mixed Reality Application Development Services - Mixed Reality Application Development in the UK - Immersive Studio
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Get Exceptional Mixed Reality Application Development Services

Our team of experienced developers have been working with mixed-reality since its inception and can offer professional mixed reality application development services to help your business to stay ahead of the curve. Experience innovative mixed reality application development services with Immersive Studio. 

Mixed Reality Application Development - Helping Industries Work Smarter

Mixed Reality is used by businesses worldwide across many industries from Healthcare to retail. Discover top-tier mixed reality application development with Immersive Studio. Custom, innovative, and scalable solutions to bring your immersive experiences to life. Below are examples of how this innovative technology can be utilised across many major sectors.


The enterprise sector has been one of the major beneficiaries of mixed reality application development, to date.  Many companies have already adopted this technology to improve their workplace training and production procedures.  They now have the ability for their employees to have instructional information to be displayed in their vision, in real-time, in a real working environment that can add consistency and accuracy to these procedures. Contact us today for innovative mixed reality application development services. 


For Retail mixed reality brings the potential of offering clients unique experiences within their showrooms.  For special purchases that involve configuration for personal preferences or to fit specific environments the retailer can display an application through a device such as the microsoft hololens that allows their customer to design their new kitchen or configure their new car, for example, essentially creating a virtual showroom display an endless combination of their products.


Mixed Reality Gives Businesses an opportunity to present stories and visualisations of their brand in a completely new dimension.  For trade shows and sales meetings brands can display products that they previously hadn’t been able to, due to logistics, such as large industrial machinery or buildings. For exhibitions they can tell exciting brand stories.  And for teams they can collaborate with different members across the globe during the design and marketing process.


Education And Healthcare

Mixed reality is a ground-breaking technology for the healthcare industry and has already been used by qualified surgeons to remotely assist their partners during operations, and has enabled digital scans to be overlaid on real life patients during education. For education, the ability to create intricately designed applications to assist specific curriculums means that teaching can be a lot more consistent and engaging.

Leisure And Entertainment

For location based entertainment and leisure mixed reality has the ability of adding a completely new level of Immersion. For exhibits you can extend the experience by having interactive holographic narrators story tellers and environments. For attraction,s you can create user based experiences for groups that immerse them in situations and worlds that they have never experienced before. We are leading mixed reality application development company in the UK

Architecture And Design

Mixed reality is the perfect partner for architects and designers as it can aid the design process from concept through to construction. With the ability to incorporate 3D BIMs modelling into an application, teams are able to collaborate remotely, and view designs onsite within a real-world environment. As a presentation tool this can help in providing visualisations for clients that are more interactive and engaging than traditional methods.