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Real-Time Interactive 3D Experience For Disney Wonderverse


This Real-Time 3D Interactive Experience was created for part of Disney’s multi-sensory pop-up experience, to mark 100 years of dynamic duos, unlikely pals and inseparable friends.

Disney Wonder of Friendship Real-time interactive 3D Experience
Disney Wonder of Friendship Real-time interactive 3D Experience Entrance
Play Video about Disney Real-time interactive 3D experience Animation

The Brief

We partnered with the creative minds at Haygarth advertising agency to craft a fully immersive 3D experience, enveloping users in a world of interactive videos and mirrored walls. Within this captivating space, we surrounded the visitors in a visual feast a magical Disney signature particle trails. What makes this immersive experience truly remarkable is that this content was completely dynamic and responsive, adjusting itself based on the number of visitors present at the attraction

The Installation

Building this intricate installation was no small feat. It entailed not only creating real-time 3D animations but also developing a sophisticated logic engine that could randomize the appearance and sequencing of animated trails and graphics. Moreover, we had to design a system that orchestrated the entire show, ensuring that 8 interactive statues, each equipped with three IR sensors, seamlessly communicated with the application. This orchestration triggered unique sets of animated trails, all contingent on how many visitors stood in front of each statue at any given moment. The result was a staggering 196 different effects, ensuring that no two visitors witnessed the same combination of visual graphics, delivering a wholly personalized and unique experience to each individual.

Characters inside Disney Real-time Interactive 3D Experience
Mirrors inside Disney Real-time Interactive 3D Experience

CGI Concept Visualization

Disney Real-Time Interactive 3d Experience Concept CGI – Immersive Studio
Play Video about Disney Real-time interactive 3D experience concept animation still

Work In Progress

Disney Real-time interactive 3D experience live test scene
Play Video about Disney Real-time interactive 3D experience live test countdown

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The Final Output

Play Video about Disney Real-time interactive 3D experience screen capture

The Benefits Of Using Real-Time Interactive 3D Software

This project stands as a shining example of the power of real-time interactive 3D. It distinguished itself from traditional 2D pre-rendered animated video passes, which are then compiled in third-party show controller software like ‘Watchout.’ We used real-time interactive broadcast software called Ventuz which combines 3d graphics powered content from a mid-level specified desktop PC to deliver a real-time interactive interface in which you can connect up motion control systems to trigger the content in real time across any screen or device.

The benefits of taking this approach include:

  1. Through our use of real-time interactive 3D software, we gained greater control over the behaviour of moving graphics in a three-dimensional space. The depth and interactivity in the 3D space allowed us to forge deeper connections between users and the physical space, creating an emotionally engaging journey for all who stepped into this enchanting immersive space.
  2. We wanted the visitors to experience the content in the most connected and engaging way and by using a real-time interactive 3d space it allowed us to create a depth of visual experience that is not possible to achieve using traditional pre rendered video clips run through a show control system.
  3. We wanted a fully interactive application that we could connect to physical triggers could be Infra red or pressure pads to trigger unique graphic effects which would be different based on the amount of people that entered the space and the combination of sensors that were triggered at any one time.

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