Immersive Glass

Immersive Glass

We are the world’s first suppliers of IMMERSIVE GLASS which is a complete solution for the future of retail and infotainment industries using large format multi touch glass and mirrored surfaces.  We bring together a patented glass product that can be created in any shape or format either as multitouch interactive glass or mirrored surfaces which is combined with our unique programming and content creation services, one complete solution for large format installations.

A Window of Immersion



The enterprise sector presents its self as one of the sectors that would benefit the most by adopted this technology to improve their workplace training and production procedures. Enabling people from multiple locations, the ability to connect with their customers and employees in ways they have not been able too before. By using these large format surfaces  gives the ability for their employees to have instructional information to be displayed in real-time, in a real working environment that can add consistency and accuracy display key information whilst collecting important data.


Physical glass or mirrored installations  brings the potential of offering clients unique experiences within their showrooms, shop floor or changing rooms.  For special purchases that involve configuration for personal preferences or to fit specific environments the retailer can display an application through the surface that allows their customer to select clothing styles, design their new kitchen or configure their new car, for example, essentially creating a micro stores or showroom to display an endless combination of their products.


Realtime interactive 3D information pushed through the surfaces gives businesses an opportunity to present stories and visualizations of their brand in a completely new dimension.  For trade shows and sales meetings brands can display products and brand launches that can be easily updated and refreshed at the touch of the screen or using RFID tracking markers. For exhibitions they can tell exciting brand stories about their brand launch and for teams they can collaborate with different members across the globe during the design and marketing process.


For group sharing of information with large format screens which maybe part of the construction of a auditorium or theatre with  life size avatars using this ground-breaking technology for the healthcare and education industries can allow professionals to present and gather important data remotely by including the ability to add information live to the systems which can be collated into databases of meaningful information to help them assist their partners during operations, training scenarios where the ability to look through data such as enabling digital scans to be overlaid on real life patients for review and interaction. For education, the ability to create intricately designed applications to assist specific curriculums means that teaching can be a lot more consistent and engaging connecting physical and digital.


For location based leisure and entertainment deployments the glass surfaces provide a unique opportunity  of adding a completely new level of Immersion and physical connectivity. For exhibits you can extend the experience by having interactive holographic narrators story tellers and environments. For attractions you can create user based experiences for groups that immerse them in situations and worlds that they have never experienced before.


These glass surfaces enable designers, architects and specialists to design a connected future where they can turn retails shops,  shops  frontage, lobby and foyers, meeting and communal spaces into future ‘Phygital’ spaces where companies, retailers or corporates can employ virtual concierges, extend trading times by having live digital shop frontages of the future or bringing to life board rooms with connected digital and switchable glass patricians  or table top surfaces. This product  is the perfect partner for architects and designers as it can be installed as a standard glass or mirrored product but at the switch of a button it can be converted into a  immersive real-time multi touch interactive surface.



We love creating amazing experiences for brands, enterprise, education, healthcare, property, entertainment and the attractions industry.  Check out some exciting experiences to see how they can help you stay ahead of the curve!



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