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We create custom built web based applications that you can access and use while online via a browser on a computer or mobile device, that allow our customers to power their businesses in unique connected ways. These web based applications can be anything from running a custom business interface via the cloud or something that runs in the background of a WebGL application and is gathering data allowing you to make key business decisions. Our solutions are unique and offer the ability to connect your users to your experiences in ways that have never been done before.

Web Powered Applications at your Fingertips



Web apps can offer businesses in the enterprise sector a great deal in order for them to improve any potential area or revenue streams. We can create a web based application only accessible to you and your business, our team can advice not matter the business size or concept. This can be a login system for employees, a monitor of efficiency either production procedure or training or something to help manage and track various areas of a business.


For Retail web applications help bring the potential of offering clients a new and unique online shopping experience. In this current digital age it’s apparent most users don’t want the hassle of installing an app on their device in order to shop. With a web based application this issue is resolved, however a simple shopping app is not enough to grab customers, our team of imagineer’s can combine our skills of app development and also WebGL to create a web application with unique functionality such as AR functions.


Like with Retail and Enterprise industries, Web apps provide business a new opportunity to evolve their brand. We can develop a bespoke web application that can combine with WebGl or connects to our immersive interface and help store and provide clients with whatever information they need regarding their brand. Our solutions can be the sticking point in providing the relevant information in order to make core business decisions.


Web Apps are something that is absolutely perfect for both the education and healthcare industries. Remove the old outdated computer based applications and we can create and replace it with a more streamlined and smoother running user experience. For healthcare use web apps to access and store patient information that’s connected to a private database or training tools and learning resources for junior doctors. For education a similar thing, access student files or send students work and information, or even a web based learning tool that tests them and allowing you to view their progress and store the data via a cloud cms.



We love creating amazing experiences for brands, enterprise, education, healthcare, property, entertainment and the attractions industry.  Check out some exciting experiences to see how they can help you stay ahead of the curve!




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