Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality represents a significant change in how we will connect and communicate with each other. Our Imagineer’s are masters in transporting you into new virtual worlds where you can develop amazing experiences, productions and applications so your brand, product, data or ideas can be visualised in the virtual world via a variety of headsets, simulations, online video/social platforms and bespoke physical spaces. Whether its photo-real 360 rendered movies, real-time Interactive VR environments, 360 ‘gamification’ or full motion and sensory based simulations. Our team are here to help design and advise on how best create memorable experiences which will leave your audience amazed, drawing from a wealth of experience accumulated from working in the video games, attractions and and entertainment industries.

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We use our experience creating photo real CG animation to create unbelievable stories which we place you in the centre of and let you experience the film as though you are actually there. We can either do this by filming in 360 or creating complete CG virtual worlds to a realistic level you would find it hard to believe wasn’t real.



You can play games move around and interact in a complete Virtual world.  We bring gamification and interaction to VR previously only achievable in video games. Whether it’s a fun experience in the form of a game or an instructional presentation, we can design and implement robust solutions for the work place or public domain.



This is the ultimate level of immersion where you can be physically attached to a motion controlled device that you can control with motion gesture control and be moved within a full 360 range of motion whilst being fully immerses in virtual world. This level of immersion is the optimum type of visual and sensory based experience.


We love creating amazing experiences for brands, enterprise, education, healthcare, property, entertainment and the attractions industry.  Check out some exciting experiences to see how they can help you stay ahead of the curve!



Virtual Reality offers a great opportunity for businesses in the Enterprise Sector to develop and simulate areas of their enterprise to increase their efficiency, service and revenue potential through employee and client engagement.  We can create virtual environments and machinery that simulate the production process, create an interactive training experience for existing and new employees, join your team or clients in a virtual meeting place or collaborate on projects and develop prototypes within a virtual environment.


For retailers, VR presents the opportunity of significantly enhancing your customers experience.  We can create applications including virtual tours consisting of virtual worlds or 360 VR, bespoke interactive experiences for customer engagement or gamification, and applications that display virtual products or merchandise or allow for personal configuration. VR is also a great tool to entertain your customers while enjoying your services, such as taking a trip to a virtual world or playing a brand related game for instore promotions.


Virtual Reality is great for way brands to present their products in an interactive, innovative and creative way that is best utilised for trades-hows, exhibitions, events and product launches.  From a logistical point of view you can let your consumers interact with your brand by allowing them to explore your world using a head mounted display.  Show off the ethics of your brand with a virtual journey of its production, let them explore and configure 360 visualisations of your product, or create a fun and interactive game that increases brand awareness.


For the healthcare industry VR offers a major opportunity to educate, entertain and stimulate both healthcare professionals and patients. From training surgeons via Simulating medical procedures in VR, treat anxiety, depression and dementia with carefully thought out VR experiences, or let patients visualise their upcoming procedure.  For education VR is great. Let your students  travel on a virtual field trip to distant lands, portray educational material in  magical environments or even teach infants to read, write and draw in virtual reality.


For the entertainment industry VR gives businesses the opportunity to create new experiences as well as revive outdated attractions.  We can create location based interactive VR experiences for theme parks, museums, exhibitions and events including motion simulated rides, 4D cinematic experiences and interactive gameplay for groups.  If you are looking to add an extra layer to an exhibit or attraction, we can integrate VR technology with your current physical set up or environment.


Being able to view a design or construction in virtual reality is a great way of developing new ideas and experiencing your design at life scale.  Let your clients have a virtual walk-through of a proposed new commercial development, to ensure it meets the demands of their production process, or let buyers experience what it would be like to live in their new home before it has even been built.  VR can help designers immensely in communicating their concepts and designs to clients, that not only immerses them, but assists in the decision-making process


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