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Explore our immersive experience portfolio and discover how we create stunning and engaging solutions for various industries and brands! We have created immersive experience projects for clients across the world, check out some immersive experiences examples below

Welcome to Immersive Studio’s immersive experience portfolio. Here, you can explore some immersive experiences examples that we have created for various industries and brands, using the latest technologies and tools. Whether it is augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, real-time interactive 3D, or any other immersive solution you require, we can help you create interactive and immersive experience projects that will wow your audience and improve your company, brand, or client’s reputation.  So, whether you want to supercharge your events, enhance your exhibitions, power up your product launches or innovate your broadcasts, Immersive studio have got you covered.

Immersive Experience Portfolio - Recent Projects

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Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 Unreal Engine Cinematic
Real-Time 3D Technology
Unreal Engine Cinematic of F1 racing cars, characters and environments combined with live action filming for Saudi Arabian GP 2023 promo video
F1 Social Unreal Scene Build Composite Moment – Immersive Studio
Mahindra Unreal Engine Automotive Animation
Real-Time 3D Technology
Unreal Engine automotive animation project for Mahindra BE RALL-E Concept SUV launch, including scenes, CG models, animation, and environments
Mahindra Profile – Unreal Engine - Immersive Studio
Prehistoric Dark Ride Immersive Attractions Cinematic Experience
Immersive attractions cinematic experience featured as part of a dark ride section of the Dinosaur Land Tram tour prehistoric cave section
Prehistoric Dark Ride - Cutting-Edge Immersive Experience
Interactive Pop-Up Installation For Movie Premiere
Real-Time 3D Technology
Interactive Pop-Up Installation for Movie Premiere combining interactive glass, touchscreen, LED and Ventuz Real-Time Graphics Software.
Interactive Pop-Up Installation for Ghost un the shell movie premiere
Ventuz Interactive Presentation For BAE Systems
Real-Time 3D Technology
Ventuz Interactive presentation for BAE Systems combining Panasonic's 152-inch Plasma screen with precision Hummingbird IR laser touch system
Ventuz Interactive Presentation
Ventuz Interactive Interface For Model Control
Real-Time Interactive 3D
Find out how our Ventuz design team created an interactive interface for an immersive installation demonstrating the effects of cyber hacks on various sectors.
Ventuz Uk Design Live experience

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At Immersive Studio, we offer a range of immersive experience services that are customized to your specific needs and goals. We can design and develop immersive experiences that are tailored to your industry and use case, using the best practices and standards for immersive experience creation. We can also test and optimize your immersive experience projects to ensure their quality, performance, and usability. We can also provide analytics and insights to measure and improve your immersive experiences’ impact and engagement. Additionally, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support for your immersive experiences, to ensure their smooth and efficient operation. We can also provide updates and improvements as needed, to keep your immersive experiences up to date and relevant.

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