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The Future of Augmented Reality

The Future of Augmented Reality

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The future of Augmented Reality is providing businesses across a wide range of sectors, other than gaming, with a massive opportunity to expand their products and services in a new direction, as we encounter new augmented reality trends due to rapidly evolving technology and content creation ideas.

Retailers have been early adopters in a bid to rejuvenate their High Street shops, by using technology to enhance the customer experience. Shoppers can virtually try on the latest fashions courtesy of a high-tech mirror, visualise wearing the latest cosmetics using an augmented reality smartphone app, or configure their products to their personal preference via a holographic display. We have also seen online retailers embrace this technology by allowing potential customers to visualise their products in their own home using applications that overlay products such as furniture, wall and floor coverings or fittings such as kitchens onto actual real world environments.

In real estate virtual tours have been around for the last few decades starting off as web based panoramas produced via fish eye lens photography. Now they have the opportunity to present their properties via interactive 360 degree walkthroughs viewed through a virtual reality headset, produce floorplans that generate a three dimensional visualisation processed by an augmented reality application, or have interactive for sale signs that provide potential purchasers with information on the property and surrounding area when scanned by their smartphone.

For the healthcare sector this technology can actually be ground breaking. We have already witnessed operations that are remotely assisted through the assistance of mixed reality devices such as microsoft’s hololens, allowing experienced surgeons to assist those in different parts of the globe. In terms of augmented reality, this is already being adopted as a significant learning tool that can facilitate virtual interaction with the human body to teach essential skills, or allow pharmaceutical companies to provide exciting visualisations of how their medicine treats certain illnesses. It will be exciting to see how this technology will transform the healthcare sector.

For the travel and leisure sectors Augmented Reality is all about enhancing the consumers experience before, during and after. Businesses have the opportunities of helping consumers visualise their planned vacation whether it be showing 3D visualisations of their accommodation and amenities or helping them explore their new adventure and recall their memories. Museums and attractions can now add a new layer of story-telling by recreating virtual scenes of bygone times or allowing their customers to interact with virtual exhibits to take their experience to a whole new level.

Technology Company Lumus have produced an interesting infographic of how augmented reality is impacting industries over the world and how revenue is potentially set to grow within the various sectors.

Here at Immersive Studio we are excited about being part of this evolving new technology and are constantly looking at new ways to help our clients immerse their consumers with amazing new experiences.

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