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Vizrt Social TV solution for Blurrt -live social data, visual graphics technology, touchscreen graphics

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The Brief

Blurrt wanted help creating content that demonstrated the integration of live social data from Blurrt with Vizrt scenes. Blurrt, a unique platform that collects and analyzes social media data in real-time, uses a custom-built Natural Language Processing (NLP) system to understand the language, context, and tone of voice in individual posts. The platform has the ability to recognize and categorize emotion-bearing posts into groups such as Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Thankfulness, Disgust, Love, Confusion, and Fear.

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The Design Process

Utilizing Vizrt’s Feedstreamer application, we integrated the Blurrt data to create demos for sports and current affairs broadcasters to showcase how they can use visual graphics technology alongside interesting insights. The sports broadcast demo included a virtual studio featuring a select 11 footballers from a recent game, chosen based on their individual Blurrt Score – a calculation that combines volume and sentiment.

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Other demos included touchscreen graphics comparing Trump and Clinton across various variables, such as sentiment expressed, volume of posts, and recognized emotions used in conversation. These demos also highlighted the ability to dive deeper into the data collected, including loading select individual tweets that showcased precise emotional feelings towards either candidate.

Vizrt Social TV Solution Elections
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