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Immersive virtual world - Toyota Aygo x undercover


This immersive 360 Experience was created for Toyota so their customers could explore an immersive virtual world inspired by the limited edition Aygo X UNDERCOVER collaboration with Jun Takahashi which featured musician Lu, model & artist Ali Honcharuk and poet Wilson Oryema as their guides.

The Final Experience

The Brief

Our partners at Spring Studios asked us to help them create a bespoke 360 immersive virtual world for their client Toyota France.  They wanted a browser based virtual experience that Toyota’s customers could view on their devices without the need to download an app.  The experience would comprise a number of prerendered scenes taken from a 3D model of a virtual world allowing the customers to explore its streets.  To guide the customers through the virtual world, three 3D Avatars had been created of Jun Takahashi’s models, Lu, Ali Honcharuk and Wilson Oryema. The experience would include a number of key elements:

1)A bio of each of the models.

2)An explanation of the UNDERCOVER brand Motto and design  CHAOS/BALANCE.

3)Visualization of UNDERCOVERS iconic Burger Lamp.

4)A 360 experience of the car’s interior. 

5)Jun Takahashi’s office. 

All of which would be complemented by multi-media carousels and video, animated models and animated hotspots.

Planning The Immersive Virtual World Experience

The Immersive virtual world had been created in 3D, so the next step was to map out a route for the users.  The starting point would feature the Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER and allow the user to immediately explore its features.  From there, the user would then be able to easily navigate the world via a planned route.  Along the route they would meet the models, visit various areas, which included a tunnel featuring the Burger Lamp and Jun Takahashi’s office.  The final destination would feature the car again and give the user a link to the Toyota website where they could configure their ideal Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER.

Aerial View 3D Immersive Virtual World

Overhead View Immersive Virtual World

Immersive Virtual World Model Placement on the route

Model Placement Along Route

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Creating The Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER Scene

For this scene the user would be able to view the car from different angles and also teleport inside the car.  This would give them the opportunity to explore the interior as well as view a multi-media presentation of the features of the Toyota Aygo X Undercover.  To achieve this, firstly, the interior of the 3D Model of the car was rendered in 360. Secondly a bespoke pop up carousel was built which incorporate numerous images and video.

Play Video about Internal 360 Panorama Toyota Aygo X Undercover

Creating The Models And Their Bio's

The 3 Models Lu, Ali Honcharuk and Wilson Oryema were to be placed in different scenes along the route.  The user would then be able to bring up their bio in a popup.  For this we rendered out the scenes with the models in situ then created a skin that would pop up in the experience. In addition to the bio text the skin would include an APNG of the models.

Play Video about Lu Pop Up Video
Play Video about Ali pop up Video
Play Video about Wilson pop up video

Creating Jun Takahashi's Office

Users would be able to visit Jun’s office while navigating the immersive virtual world. Once inside they would be able to watch videos, view images and find out more information.  To achieve this, firstly, the interior of the office was rendered in 360. For the videos, image gallery and info box, pop up’s were created so the user could view the content from within the experience.  

Play Video about Inside Jun Takahashi's office part of immersive virtual world

Creating The Burger Lamp Tunnel

Users would be able to visit the Tunnel and explore UNDERCOVERS iconic Burger Lamp.  This was achieved firstly, by rendering the inside of the tunnel in 360.  Next a pop up was added, similar to that of the models, which would display information and an APNG of the Burger Lamp.

Play Video

Other Features Of The Experience

  1. The experience was designed so that it could be viewed via a browser on any device.  For mobile devices, we enabled a gyroscope feature which enabled users to move their device around, in portrait mode, to enjoy the immersive virtual world at its best.
  2. Videos were overlayed on various objects within the rendered panoramas to add more immersion to the experience
  3. Animated hotspots were created to create more emphasis on where the users needed to go.
Play Video about Immersive Virtual World Gyroscope feature-mobile screeshot
Play Video about Immersive Virtual World hotspots
Play Video about Immersive Virtual World Video Overlay

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