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Extended Property Experience in the UK

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Using the latest technologies in VR/AR and real-time interactive 3d, we created this virtual experience for a large property development located in Portugal. Our goal was to offer an engaging experience to property buyers before the development.

Over the years we have built hundreds of property and real estate sales presentations in the form of CG animated flythroughs, CG images and motion graphics which were predominantly used in traditional print and video media formats, however over the last 5 years we have found a bigger interest in creating more ‘connected marketing sales experiences’ and this is where our bespoke ‘Extended Property Experiences’ were born, which combine,  Graphic design and experience design in the form of brochures and websites featuring bespoke photography/videography and renderings but taking this sales tool to the next level by additionally creating VR interior and exterior experiences, pop-up AR interactive tools and 360 drone footage all combined into a unique marketing and sales package.

This particular project required a large property development located in Portugal to be virtualised where the client wanted to use the latest tech to help market, and track sales activity which could be used across multiple territories around the world, using the latest technologies in VR/AR and real-time interactive 3d to help engage their potential clients in new and exciting ways to ultimately help the clients make a buying decision earlier on in the life cycle of building the actual development.

This solution Includes:

For more information on this project or if you have a property development, you are looking to market, and you would like an innovative and exciting way to reach your clients and make sales earlier on in the project development life cycle then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at or call us direct on +44 (0)203 8489035


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