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Esports Real-Time Graphics For Live Broadcast


IVRL Esports Vail 2022 – Esports graphics for live broadcast using ventuz software ensuring a visually dynamic and engaging experience

Esports Real-time Graphics presenters
Esports Real-time graphics presenters leaderboard

The Brief

IVRL is the ultimate hub for competitive VR gaming, boasting exclusive tournaments, exceptional moderation, and top-notch production value. The biref was to create dynamic Esports graphics for the prestigious IVRL Vail 2022 tournament, specifically tailored for live streaming.

Esports Real-Time Graphics Team
Immersive Experiences Esports real-time graphics
Esports Real-Time Graphics Progress
Esports Real-Time Graphics Leaderboard

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The Design and Production Process

The Ventuz design team meticulously crafted the graphics package which seamlessly integrated with the tournament’s presentation, offering captivating features to enhance the viewer’s immersive experience. From sophisticated game overlay graphics to LED wall visuals that engaged the live audience, every detail was carefully considered.

To keep spectators up to speed, the Ventuz design team developed dynamic Leaderboards that provided real-time updates on standings and results throughout the tournament. Additionally, visually captivating team lineups were designed to foster excitement during team introductions.

Esport Real-Time Graphics Game Screen - Immersive Studio
Esports Real-Time Graphics Players

The Software Used

The entire graphics package was expertly brought to life using Ventuz, an acclaimed software suite renowned for real-time graphics. Through Ventuz Director, the design team achieved seamless playout control, ensuring flawless presentation during IVRL Vail 2022.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our collaboration with IVRL has set a new standard for competitive VR gaming events. By combining cutting-edge technology, eye-catching visuals, and unwavering attention to detail, IVRL remains the go-to destination for passionate enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of VR gaming competition.

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