Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of 3D anamorphic illusion animation (3DA), where cutting-edge technology breathes life into extraordinary, lifelike 3D visuals. This innovative way of displaying large format animation on digital billboards, elevates 3D animated content into an almost holographic appearance. The content appears to lift right off its background, instantly grabbing an audiences attention. This stunning technology can be used across multiple industries, from advertising, entertainment, events, exhibitions.

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The Concept

The concept of this project is to highlight the design and manoeuvrability of a jet fighter brought to life on a ‘V’ shaped LED wall.  It can be installed at an in person experience event where attendees can feel the real power of the jet fighter.

Planning The Anamorphic Illusion Animation Content

To create this effect this project used a mixture of video and spatial audio to really immerse the attendees within the content and was the focal point of the client’s exhibition space.
When planning on using immersive content that plays on a non-standard format screen it is imperative to first undertake a detailed design and discovery stage with the client. This enabled us to work out the optimum viewing angles for what the content: A) should look like. And B) where it will be positioned on screen, to get the maximum visual impact.

Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet – LED Wall Structure

Floor layout for digital anamorphic illusion animation

Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet – Floor Layout

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Creating The Anamorphic Illusion Animation Content

Working in CG allows us to explore creative opportunities and utilise the software’s ability to match real world perspectives and image depth. Subsequently, this enables us to camera match and accurately project the anamorphic images onto the LED walls.  We are also able to plot out where the sweet spot is to achieve the best holographic effect. This is much easier than trying to work with standard 2D software or measuring and mapping it out manually on site.

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Anamorphic Illusion Animation  Fighter Jet – Render Capture

Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet
Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet

Anamorphic Illusion Animation Fighter Jet – Renders

Frequently Asked Questions

Most brands need to make content to be used inside events. By making this kind of 3DA content Brands can add huge impact to their event space and draw their audience in. However, it’s on elevated billboards that 3DA truly works the best. These offer a multitude of captivating advantages to help elevate their message and increase engagement with their audience.  So if you are considering embracing these new types of digital platforms to promote your product or service, then let’s speak about how you can use 3DA style content. We are confident that we can make your content connect deeply with your target audience.

3DA billboards are widely used now as an alternative to the traditional printed billboards. This is due to technology becoming more robust and cheaper. As a result this means that many of the larger scale outside advertising platforms can be turned into moving canvases for brand marketing. In addition this provides advertisers with an exciting and engaging visual experience for launching a product. These innovative billboards seamlessly fuse outdoor promotion with the virtual 3D products or environments. Strategically stationed in bustling high footfall areas like airports, shopping malls, and urban hubs, their primary mission is to grab the attention of passers-by.
At the heart of 3DA technology lies the 3D/CG animated content. These animations offer diverse opportunities for brands and businesses to extend their out of home digital content. By using a canvas made of LED screens, brands can reach a level of engagement that traditional printed bill board advertising would comparably struggle to do.

This kind of technique has evolved from illusionary illustrations, These were traditionally created by street artists who would create incredible images drawn by hand in chalk onto pavements. Passers by would be invited to stop and admire these amazing works of art. Viewed from a certain position the images would appear to change into incredible 3D illustrated worlds seamlessly merging with their real world surroundings.

Anamorphic Illusion has moved a long way from chalk drawings and with the technological development of  large format LED walls and billboards for outside advertising this technique has been re imagined. Using the same fundamentals LED walls have now replaced the pavement as the canvas. They can wrap around the side of buildings in a whole myriad of formats and sizes and when viewed at one specific fixed position (the sweet spot) the content will become almost holographic, making the content appear to jump off the screen.

We are experts in creating world class 3D animated content of all types which have we have supplied to some of the biggest brand agencies around the world. Coupled with our technically expertise in working with all things broadcast, video and projection mapped, we have the unique solutions for any client looking to make non-standard, eye-catching anamorphic illusionary video content. We can create content in any style or format to make products or services stand out (literally) against the competition. If you are thinking about creating a digital anamorphic illusion animation for your next campaign or event then contact us with your brief and estimated budget on the form below.